ChromeOS | Linux Development Environment | Create a shared folder for Linux and ChromeOS

While Linux Development Environment (LDE) gives the appearance that Linux applications are running natively in ChromeOS. As we are really using a Virtual Machine of Linux, Linux and ChromeOS will by default be isolated from each other. So in this video we take a look at how you create a folder that we can use to share files and data between the two operating systems. 

Notes: If you are using a school or work Chromebook you might not be able to use Linux. So please contact your system administrator or tech support before trying.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the ChromeOS desktop select Files
  • Using the sidebar, select the location where you want to create a folder share.
  • Create a folder and call it something like “Shared Folder
  • Right click on the folder you created, and from the quick menu choose Share with Linux

Note: Any files placed in your “Shared Folder” will now be visible both in Linux and ChromeOS. However, in Linux you will have to navigate to the correct location in order to see your “Shared Folder” 

  • Within Linux you will be able to find the “Shared Folder” in the following location:
Computer|mnt|chromeos|MyFiles|Shared Folder

Reference materials:

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