Coming up in November 2019

As Apple just released a new update for iOS this month we will focus on a number of new features. So for November we plan to look at using Safari’s split screen mode, then how we can access an SMB share from within iOS, and then finally how we multitask on an iPad. 

Also this month, as we have a number of new products that we will be making videos for. We plan to continue to make a few more unboxing videos. Our idea, is to make videos that are between 2 and 4 minutes in length, that are played to music, and includes a speed run through of the setup process. 

Then in conjunction with our unboxing and setup videos, we will also post factory reset videos similar to the types of video that we have previously posted. 

Finally for this month, we will look at posting a video on how to factory reset an Amazon Fire TV and if there is time we will look at how you can pair a PS4 controller to an Apple TV.

Thank you for your support