Coming up in May

Due to the Corona virus lockdown we have had a lot more time to play with new devices, which in turn has given us a few new ideas for a number of video series that we can make.  

So this month, while we will be posting the first episode in our new series looking at how we setup Google Nest Wifi. We also will be working on another new series that we plan to start posting over the summer.

However, as we have not yet finished our series on how to setup a Synology NAS. We also plan to post at least two videos relating to how we connect Windows 10 to our VPN Server, and how we enabled two factor authentication on our NAS. 

Finally sometime in April, we will be taking a look at how Windows 10 users can create a lost and found message on their computer. So please keep a look out for new content released every Friday on both the website and our YouTube channel.

Thank you for your support