Changes coming in May 2019

The Mydoodads project was started as an attempt to learn, create and share knowledge. However, for those three principles to thrive, we need to periodically develop our project by experimenting with, and implementing new ideas. 

This means that our website has undergone a major redesign. The aim of the redesign is to make it easier for you to find relevant topics and content. In the last year we have refocused our content production to the creation of a number of video series.

This was in part to increase the number of subscribers to our YouTube channel, but was also designed so that we could develop the idea of a single reference point for anyone looking to build their own home network. 

Unfortunately, the existing design of our website does not lend itself to highlighting groups of videos in series. Which in turn makes it difficult to follow the sequential order of the episodes in a series. Also due to the amounts of time that it takes to create a video. Previously, it was not always possible to add any supplementary information to the posts in our website. So there was no discernible difference  between the content on our YouTube channel and the content in our website. 

As our production skills have improved over time, so too has the speed at which we can create a video. This means that moving forward we want to start adding value to the posts on this website. So we plan to start to include additional information that we think will be of use to you as you build your own home network.  This information will include referencing the sources that we used when we created a video.   

The videos that we plan to release in May, will first look at making an offsite backup of the data on our Synology NAS. We will then take a look at some of the security features we need to enable before we can make our NAS  accessible via the internet.

Thank you for your support