Posts for September

Leading into the Autumn, we plan to continue our series looking at how to setup a Google Nest Wifi network. So for the month of September, we will be looking at the diagnostic tools built into Google Nest Wifi. These tools include, running an Internet Speed test and testing the mesh backbone to our mesh wireless network.

Then having looked at the diagnostic tests we can run. We will then look at how we can restart the whole of our wireless network or just an individual wireless point. Which will be in preparation, for looking at the advanced features built into Google Nest Wifi, that we intend to cover this Winter. 

So while this month will be dedicated to our Google Nest Wifi series. In the background we are preparing and working on new videos for our Synology series. These videos will include, looking at how you can migrate to a new model of Synology NAS. How to recover data from a failed Synology NAS and how to bond network ports. So please keep an eye out for these videos, which we will also be releasing later in the year. 

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