Coming in February 2021

Having spent January planning the video content we hope to make in 2021. We are now ready to start posting videos every Friday. So this month we will be continuing our series on how you setup a Google Nest WiFi network, by looking at how you can change the DNS settings on your router. 

We also plan to post videos on how you factory reset a 5th Generation Amazon Echo, along with a video on how to factory reset the new Playstation 5.

Then to round off the month we will be looking at how you perform a soft reset of a Synology NAS. So thank you for watching, and please stay safe. 


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  • Nobody has created a tutorial about setting up a Synology NAS behind a Synology Router, and how to securely port forward to expose services from the NAS.

    • We sort of covered it when we looked at setting up Direct Access on a Synology NAS, as the NAS will auto configure any port forwards through a Synology router using UPnP.

      While this is not ideal it was the simplest way to set port forwards for anyone not familiar with networking. However we now plan, starting with Google Nest WiFi, to look at a number of specific routers and look at their setup in more depth. This will include setting port forwards from the router, rather than relying on UPnP.

      As the RT2600ac was release around 5 years ago, we hope that Synology release a new router with WiFi 6 that we can use rather than the RT2600.

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