ChromeOS | Linux Development Environment | update all applications installed using Flatpak

While we are now able to run Linux applications on our Chromebook using Linux Development Environment (LDE). We need to keep those applications up to date. So in this video we demonstrate how you update all applications installed using Flatpak. 

It’s worth noting that while ChromeOS will automatically update itself, the instance of Linux built into LDE is not. So while LDE is independent to ChromeOS, in order to protect both ChromeOS and Linux. We need to keep both operating systems up to date with security and bug fixes.

One of the reasons we use Flatpak to install our Linux applications, is because Flatpak can be used to centrally update all the applications that have been installed onto a computer. While Linux is not as susceptible to malware and viruses as other operating systems. To stay safe, you need to keep any Linux applications you have installed onto your Chromebook up to date.

Quick reference notes:

  • Open the Linux Development Environment menu
  • From within the menu select Penguin to open a Linux Terminal windows
  • First we are going to check for update by typing:
sudo apt update
  • Once the check has been completed, we next need to perform any updates that Linux has found. To do this we simply type the following:
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  • As applications install via Flatpak have not been updated. We can use the following command to see which applications need updating:
flatpak list
  • We now need to update all applications that were installed using Flatpak:
sudo flatpak update
  • Flatpak will now install any updates for our applications
  • When we are once again presented with the command prompt we can close the terminal window, and use our Linux applications 
  • To close the terminal window simply typing:
  • When you press enter on the keyboard you will be returned to the LDE menu.

Reference materials:

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