ChromeOS | Linux Development Environment | Uninstall LDE

If you find that you are not using Linux Development Environment as much as you thought. You may want to uninstall LDE to free up space on your computer. So in this video we are going to demonstrate how you uninstall Linux Development Environment from within ChromeOS.

Notes: We recommend that before you remove LDE, you make a backup of your LDE and any Linux applications that you installed. Then if you need to use your Linux applications in the future, you can easily restore them back onto your Chromebook.

Quick reference notes:

  • From the ChromeOS desktop select Settings
  • Within setting you need to locate and select Advanced – Developers
  • In the Developers panel, choose Linux Development Environment
  • Select Remove Linux Development Environment

Note: Removing LDE will delete all Linux applications and data from our Chromebook.

  • After LDE has been deleted, the Linux Development Environment option will be reset to Turn on

Reference materials:

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