Building a DIY Framework laptop | part 4 | the review

For those not familiar with Framework, they are a company committed to making consumer electronics that are upgradeable, customisable and repairable. So as we needed a new Windows computer, and we felt Framework’s goals should be supported, we decided to try and build an 11th Generation Intel Framework laptop. 

In the final video of this series, we document the journey we took to built a Framework DIY Edition laptop. In this episode we review the experience we had building our laptop, and discuss the pros and cons in having a Framework computer.

Please note that this is not a sponsored video, so if you are looking to build your own Framework laptop, using the following affiliate links will help towards our production costs.

Components used in the build our Framework laptop:

Note: You might be able to find a copy of Windows which is far cheaper than the prices listed by Framework or Microsoft. For example in the UK you can buy a CD copy of Windows 11 Home or Pro, more cheaply than the price listed on the Microsoft website. 

However purchasing a Windows license key is fraught with issues, and EU rules are different with regards to the resale of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) and unused licensed software, too that of other places in the world. So if you are unsure buy your copy of Windows directly from either Microsoft or Framework.

Alternative Linux Operating Systems to use

As Windows is not the only operating system you can install on a Framework laptop. If you are on a limited budget seriously consider using Linux. The following are a list of of our favourite Linux distributions. 

Note: While ChromeOS Flex will run and install on a Framework laptop. At the time of posting this video, a AX210 wireless card is currently not compatible with ChromeOS Flex. So if you are looking to use ChromeOS with your Framework laptop, you should purchase an official ChromeOS Framework laptop, or check that Flex supports the AX210. 

Software used in the build

Reference materials:

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