August 2021

Here in the UK, August is typically the month for summer holidays. So you would think that August would see a drop in our viewing numbers. However based on past Analytic data, September is usually the month were we see a dramatic fall in views, before things start to pick up for the Christmas season.

So based on this trend, we have decided to wait until October before we start our series on setting up a Synology NAS running DSM7. This means that in the back ground, we are currently working on the scripts for this series. Which should put us on course to have 4 or 5 scripts ready to start filming in September.

In the meantime, for August we will be posting five videos. At the beginning of the month we will be posting a video on the Windows command that will display the public IP address our network is using. We will also be posting a video on the macOS terminal command called ping. In this video we will explain what the results from the ping command mean as there is a lot of useful information to be gained from this command.

For the mid part of the month we will be posting a video on how to factory reset your Synology NAS (DSM 7). While it is basically the same process as the video we posted for DSM 6. We thought it was important to have this video available with DSM7’s updated graphics.

While the new Apple computers that use Apple Silicon hardware are fantastic to use. If they develop a fault it’s nice to know how to run a diagnostic test to find out which component is faulty. So in August we will also be posting a video on how to run a diagnostic test on Apple Silicon Hardware.

Finally at the end of the month, we will be returning to our series on Google Nest WiFi. So on the 27th of August expect to see a video on how you assign a device on your home network with a static IP address. While we have already looked at IP Reservation. The method we demonstrate in the video will be the method we prefer to use. So for this video we will be connecting a Synology NAS to our Google Nest WiFi router and then assigning it with a static IP address.

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