April 2021

As Apple deprecated Network Utilities in macOS 11 (Big Sur). For 2021’s Easter holiday, we are going to start a new series that looks at terminal commands that either replicate the functionality found in Network Utilities, or commands that we think you might find useful. So over the course of the series we hope to provide you with at least a few terminal commands to help you troubleshoot your home network. If this series proves popular, it’s our hope that we can replicate the same basic premise for users of Windows 10.

Also for this month we plan to post a couple of videos relating to the new Sony PlayStation 5. One will be looking at returning the PS5 controller back to its factory defaults, while the other will look at saving PS4 games to Extended Storage.

As we are still working on our series about using an Apple iPad with a Synology NAS. Towards the end of the month we will post a video on how we can issue a magic packet from our iPad, to initiate Wakeup on Lan (WoL) on our Synology NAS.

Finally, to round out the month we will be looking at how you can recover files from the hard drive of a faulty Synology NAS. While the technique we look at, is not able to recover files if the hard drives are damaged or faulty, it is still a method that can be useful to know.

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