An alternative way you can power down your PlayStation 5

As a PlayStation 5 will continue to consume considerable amounts of energy when in Standby mode. We prefer to power down our console when not in use. So while you can power down a PS5 from within its main user interface. In this video we demonstrate an alternative method for powering down your console.

Note: This method for powering down a PS5 can be very useful if your DualSense controller is not paired to your games console.

Quick reference notes:

  • Press and hold down the PS5’s power button for roughly 3 seconds to start the console power down cycle.
  • To confirm that the console is powering down, monitor its status lights.
  • The status lights will blink while the console completes it power down cycle.
  • When the status lights go out, the PS5 will have shut itself down.

Notes: Your PS5 will take some time to power down. When a PS5 has powered down it will not be able to update or download game content as this is a feature of Rest mode.

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