A beginners guide to setting up a Synology NAS | Part 4 | Setting up and connecting to your home network

In this video we take a look at fitting additional RAM, and two hard drives to our new Synology NAS. We will then connect our NAS to our home network, in preparation for switching it on for the first time.

While not all models of Synology NAS will allow you to fit additional RAM. There is an easy to access RAM slot on the model of NAS (DS1520 +) we are using for this series. So while we recommend that you leave any attempts at upgrading the RAM in your NAS until after you have fully configured your NAS. We did test the RAM we fitted before we started filming, and feel confident that we can upgrade our RAM at this stage of the setup.

Note: It has been suggested that Synology may in the future prevent Disk Station Manager 7 from seeing or using unofficial RAM upgrades in their products. It has also been suggested that by using third party RAM upgrades certain models of NAS will become unstable. So if in the future we experience any issues with our RAM upgrade, we will make a video on the topic and revert back to using the original RAM supplied with our NAS.

In a future video we will be looking at how you expand the storage capacity of a Synology NAS. However, for now we will be fitting two 4TB Iron Wolf hard drives to our NAS. This will then give our NAS a total of 4TB storage with redundancy. For more information on NAS storage please see our video on “RAID and Choosing hard drives“.

Note: The wireless router we have connected our NAS too, is a Google Nest WiFi Router. So for this series, this will be the device we make reference to whenever we talk about our home network. The reason we decided to use a Google Nest WiFi router, is specifically because its user interface is very easy to understand. However, as your make and model of router will probably be different to ours. We recommend that before you start working on your NAS, you familiarise yourself with your router.

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