A beginners guide to setting up a Synology NAS | part 16 | Audio Station

Audio Station is a free application that you can download from Package Centre and will allow you to stream a music library from your NAS. So in this video we take a look at how you install and configure Audio Station on a Synology NAS.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into your NAS using your Administrators credentials 
  • From the desktop of DSM select Package Centre
  • Using the Search bar locate and install Audio Station
  • Now close Package Centre and open Control Panel
  • Locate and select Login Portal
  • Select Applications and highlight Audio Station from the list of applications being displayed
  • Click on Edit
  • In the Alias field, enter a word you can use to access Audio Station. For example you might use the word audio or music
  • In Customized Port (HTTP) type 8800
  • In Customized Port (HTTPS) type 8801

Note: Ports 8800 and 8801 are the default ports that Synology suggest that you use with Audio Station. If another service on your network is using these ports, or you want to change a port number for security reasons. You should make your changes here.

  • Choose Save

Note: You will now be able to access Audio Station from within a web browser or the DS Audio app. As our NAS is currently not accessible from the internet. We are only able to connect to Audio Station from within our home network. This is done by opening a web browser and entering one of the following into the address bar:


Note: At the moment you will not be able to access Audio Station using port 8801 as your NAS has not been configured with an SSL certificate. We will be looking at assign a Synology NAS with an SSL certificate in a future video.

  • From the sidebar of Control Panel select Application Privileges
  • Under Packages highlight Audio Station and choose Edit
  • You will now need to assign access privileges to the Audio Station

Note: As we want all our users to have access to Audio Station, we assigned permissions from within the User group. However you can also assign access rights using a different group or on a user by user basis. For more information please see: A beginners guide to setting up a Synology NAS | part 12 | Groups and Permissions

  • Close Control Panel

How to configure Audio Station to use personal music libraries

If you want the users of your NAS to have their own personal music libraries. You will need to ensure that User Home is enabled on your NAS. For more information please see A beginners guide to setting up a Synology NAS | part 10 | Understanding Users, Permissions, Groups and Folders

  • Logged in to Disk Station manager as an Administrator.
  • Open the Main Menu
  • Now from within Main Menu locate and select Audio Station
  • After Audio Station loads select Settings and choose Personal Library
  • Tick the option Enable Personal Library
  • Click on OK
  • You are now ready to upload music files to Audio Station

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