A beginner guide to setting up a Synology router | create multiple isolated WiFi networks

In this video we are going to demonstrate how you create multiple isolated WiFi networks on a Synology router. Network segmentation is a security technique used to separate and segregate different networks within an organisation. So in our home network we implement this measure to prevent unauthorized access and data leakage between networks. This in turn will help to reduce the risk of an attacker gaining access to sensitive information or compromising your home network.

What is network segmentation?

VLAN stands for Virtual Local Area Network, which can be used to divide a physical network into multiple logical networks (VLANs). This then allows each VLAN to function as a separate network, isolating traffic from other VLANs.

The advantage of using VLAN segmentation, you can group devices based on their network needs, such as department, function, or security level. This then allows for improved network security, performance, and management.

Quick reference notes:

  • Log into Synology Router Manager (SRM) using your administrators credentials
  • From within the SRM open Network Center
  • In the sidebar choose Local Network and click on the Create button
  • First give your new isolated network a Name

Note: It is an unwritten convention to include the VLAN ID, as part of the primary IP address to your network. For example if the primary IP address is set to, and you are using a VLAN ID of 10. Then you set the primary IP address to your isolated network to

  • Set Local IP address to
  • Leave the other settings on their defaults
  • Select Next

Note: As your router will have a number of network ports. You can assign these network ports to your isolated network. However, as we only want to create wireless isolated networks. We will no assign any of our ports to this network.

  • On Assign Eithernet ports, select Next
  • In Create WiFi, tick Set up WiFi name (SSID) only for this network
  • After selecting Next you will have a summary of the new isolated network you have created
  • From the sidebar choose Traffic Control
  • Now select AdvancedSettings

Note: You can limit the amount of bandwidth your new isolated network can use. This can be useful to prevent a device on one of your networks, hogging the bandwidth to your internet connection. However you will need to enable Traffic Control on your router.

  • Under Default Policy locate and tick your new isolated network
  • Next choose Edit and set the maximum and minimum bandwidth you want your isolated network to have.
  • Select OK and OK again to set your bandwidth limits

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